Ratings Key:

Excellent: ★★★
Good: ★★

Factors Considered for Ratings:

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1) Entry Score
Entry Score Factors to Consider:
Usable ramp: Not too steep, not bumpy?
Smooth, paved surface from parking to ramp?
Doors that open easily or automatically?
Handrails on one or both sides?
Is ramp straight or are sharp turns required?

2) Parking Area:
Are there designated accessible parking spots?
Is the parking area paved, smooth, and easy to drive on?
Is parking 30 feet or less from the accessible entrance?
Is parking area well lit?

3) Bathroom Access:
Do doors open easily/automatically?
Can door frame accommodate a wheelchair?
Grab bars available?
Is toilet tissue/sink/soap/towels accessible from a wheelchair?
Is mirror visible when sitting in a wheelchair?

4) Low Vision/Lighting:
Is lighting bright enough to read info/menu?
Is lighting different in different areas of business?
Can extra lighting/lamp be arranged as needed?
Does light flash or strobe?
Are there large/readable signage?

5) Noise Factors:
Is there a lot of ambient noise: music, load speakers, machines?
Is there a quiet area/zone available?

6) Spaciousness Factors:
Can a wheelchair maneuver and turn in this space?
Are tables, racks, displays very close together?

7) Assistance Factors:
Are the employees well trained in assistance?
Are they sensitive to different people?
Are they willing to assist?

8) Therapy Animals:
Does this establishment allow assistance dogs?
Does this establishment allow therapy animals?

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Tel Number

Wheelchair Accessibility ★★★
Parking ★★
Bathroom ★★★
Lighting ★★
Sound ★★★
Spaciousness ★★★
Service Animals