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Our Mission

The goal of the UAccessLife.org website is to rate Rockland County NY businesses and public spaces for their wheelchair, mobility, vision, noise, and sensory accessibility.

The UAccessLife website provides an easy to use format so anyone can determine which businesses and public areas in Rockland County NY can be visited and enjoyed by people with differing abilities.

About Us

We are high school students in Rockland County, NY with a goal to help people who have disabilities. Based in Piermont, NY we are working with BRIDGES, (a.k.a. Rockland Independent Living) to create a website that provides accessibility information and ratings for many businesses and public areas in Rockland County NY.

Industry Partner Collaboration

In collaboration with BRIDGES, Susannah Devine of DevineDesign.com, and project consultant Anita Dreichler, we researched, designed and built this website to provide relevant and convenient information regarding the accessibility of public spaces throughout Rockland County N.Y.

This includes whether a place has accessible parking and ramps, bathrooms that can be accessed, lighting that is bright enough for people with low vision, noise factors that are an issue for people with sensory issues, and more.

Our collaboration with these partners helped us consider many factors that can affect someone’s experience in a public location. We hope the site will be a useful tool towards that end.